The new Pre-conference ALM day is here - Wednesday 28th September

The RACGP will introduce the all new pre-conference ALM day where all ALMs will be held on Wednesday 28 September and some repeated on Thursday and Friday of the conference.

This ALM day is in response to delegate feedback suggesting ALMs could be held on one separate day from the conference so that delegates are able to make the most of the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the conference.

Please note: You must purchase a GP16 registration to gain access to an ALM. Day registrations may only select an ALM for the specific day purchased.


Due to popular demand, there will be 11 ALMs on offer with some ALMs being run twice.

For each ALM, pre-registration is essential as all ALMs involve both predisposing and reinforcing activities.

Delegates who are registered medical practitioners can select one ALM in the registration process.

We encourage delegates to register early as ALMs are popular and will book out fast!

Dermatology for GPs – Clinical management of common skin cancer presentations

This ALM will provide GPs with the skills to increase their confidence in diagnosing, treating and referring a range of skin cancers and non-surgical modalities for field change frequently seen in general practice.
ALM presenters: Dr Cliff Rosendahl, Dr Simon Clark, Dr Gordon Harloe, Dr Joe Kosterich and Dr John Pyne
This ALM is eligible for the Rural Procedural Grants Program

Medical symposium: Controversies in general practice

This ALM examines the controversies that GPs are faced with every day:
1. Antibiotic over-prescribing - are GPs guilty?
2. Breast screening - early diagnosis or over-diagnosis?
3. Watching the biological clock - what is the GP's role?
4. Treating alcoholism - is it enough to drive you to drink?
5. Are GPs the centre of a highly inefficient health system?

Previous events have been well attended and very highly rated.
ALM presenters: Dr Tim Koh, Dr Tamara Hunter, Dr Lucy Rosman, Dr Amanda Stafford, Mr Justin Dorigo, Dr Helen Wilcox, Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP, Prof Jennifer Doust, Dr Brian Morton AM, Dr Susan Benson, Dr Marylin Hassell, Dr Bastian Seidel, Clin/A/Prof Elizabeth Wylie and A/Prof Hilary Fine

Introduction to Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) for rural GPs

This RACGP Rural ALM will include hands-on learning activities enabling rural GPs to develop practical skills and knowledge in using POCUS technology in their general practice settings.
This ALM costs $155
ALM presenters: Dr Adrian Goudie and Dr Susan Downes
This ALM is eligible for the Rural Procedural Grants Program

Psychodynamic principles workshop for general practitioners (Part 1)

This ALM is designed to impart a detailed understanding of psychodynamic principles and their application in the treatment of common problems via focussed psychological therapies such as cognitive behaviour therapy and interpersonal therapy.
ALM presenter: Dr James Antoniadis
This activity has been approved for Focussed Psychological Skills_CPD

The latest in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) diagnosis and management

This Lung Foundation Australia (LFA) ALM aims to increase the knowledge, confidence and skills of general practitioners in the diagnosis and management of COPD.
ALM presenters: Prof Amanda Barnard, Dr Steven Rudolphy, Dr Kerry Hancock, Dr David Manners, Judy Powell and Louise Papps

Can we do better than “I treat everyone the same?” A practical workshop to improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

This ALM will use the experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to identify aspects of health care services that may unintentionally act as barriers to effective care.

ALM presenters: Dr Tim Senior, A/Prof Mary Martin, Marilyn Morgan and Danny Ford

Understanding and managing the link between mental health and family abuse and violence

This ALM will assist GPs to recognise the signs that a patient or family may be suffering from, or at risk of, domestic violence and how to intervene and treat the patient and those affected.
ALM presenters: Dr Libby Hindmarsh, Dr May Su and Dr Hester Wilson
This activity has been approved for Focussed Psychological Skills_CPD

Evidence based care of mothers and babies: Gaps and controversies

This ALM brings a new cross-disciplinary and integrated approach to the complex problems of feeds, sleep, unsettled infant behaviour, and parent mental health in early life, opening up the latest research and challenging accepted orthodoxy across a range of topics.
ALM presenters: Dr Pamela Douglas and Renee Keogh

Managing obesity: No time to waste

RACGP Specific Interests Obesity Medicine working group invites you to take part in a single day ALM designed to provide a pragmatic workshop in developing skills in approaching people with obesity in a sensitive and non-judgmental manner.
ALM presenter: Dr Georgia Rigas, Dr Tri Cao, Dr Gary Deed, Dr Ruth Blackham, Dr Gerry Fegan and Ms Lidia Genovese

Enhancing your examination skills to make sense of chronic musculoskeletal pain – A hands-on workshop

This ALM aims to enhance physical examination skills of participants for patients with chronic pain in the spine, shoulders or pelvic girdles and teach how physical findings inform diagnosis and management.
ALM presenter: A/Prof Michael Yelland