Learn more about our research plenary speaker, Prof Mark Harris

Professor Mark Harris will speak on Primary health as the cornerstone of health equity.

The research session will highlight how research evidence is relevant to patient care, and the importance of research to everyday practice.  Invited speaker Professor Mark Harris will present on primary health as the cornerstone of health equity.  Primary health care is critical in addressing the needs of a diverse range of people in our community.  Evidence from primary care research yields valuable insights into how primary care services can vastly improve the health of populations, especially vulnerable and disadvantaged populations.

Professor Harris’ presentation will be followed by three of the best and most relevant research abstracts submitted to the conference, and the winner of the RACGP/MDA National Best General Practice Research Article in the AFP Journal Award.  The papers show the spectrum of issues seen in primary care, from common conditions affecting a range of patients to specific issues for vulnerable groups.

Professor Mark Harris’ plenary is on Saturday 1 October from 8.30am – 10.00am.

To find out more about this plenary visit Professor Mark Harris’ page on the GP16 website.