Find out why our GPs are excited about GP16 networking opportunities

Haven’t registered for GP16 yet? Here’s why RACGP members are looking forward to the networking opportunities.

Dr Melanie Considine thrives at GP16 because she enjoys meeting up with fellow GPs and old friends from across Australia. She always finds this a highlight of the conference and welcomes any opportunity for a coffee and chat in between conference sessions! A Clare-based GP, Dr Considine is on several boards including the National Rural Faculty of the RACGP and is actively involved in advocacy for both rural clinicians and the wider rural community. Her areas of interest including preventative medicine, chronic disease management, women’s health, paediatrics and skin cancer medicine.

Attending GP16 provides Dr Claudio Villella with some fantastic opportunities to meet a broad range of like-minded people such as other GPs, medical students, GP Registrars and others associated with general practice. Recognising the conference as a ‘melting pot’ for developing ideas for future projects and a place where new relationships can be found, Dr Villella welcomes the collegiate environment at GP16 and strongly encourages this as a wonderful opportunity for networking and professional development.

“What a great place to meet up with friends – friends you haven’t seen for a while and friends you haven’t met yet!”. Associate Professor Brad Murphy says that GP16 provides great opportunities to realise our ideas alongside friends and colleagues. The participants can help bring it to life. He says “It was while networking at the last Perth conference was where the momentum to establish the RACGP National Faculty of Aboriginal and Torres Straight Health was born! His work is vast and Associate Professor Murphy currently represents the RACGP and Committee of Presidents of Medical Colleges (CPMC) on the Australian Medical Council (AMC) Indigenous Planning Advisory Group.

For more information visiting the networking page.

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