Dr Sam Prince

Dr Sam Prince

Dr Sam Prince

Opening plenary speaker on Thursday 29 September, 9.00am – 10.00am

Dr Sam Prince is a medical doctor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

At the age of 21, while studying medicine, Dr Sam Prince established his first business, Zambrero, a fresh Mexican grill and socially responsible organisation. Zambrero’s rapid growth resulted in the business being recognised as one of the fastest growing franchises in Australia by BRW Magazine in 2011, 2012 & 2013. While practising as a Doctor, Sam grew Zambrero to over 80 stores and counting, with 650 staff and over $60 million in group revenue.

With its Plate 4 Plate program, the national chain of restaurants helped to feed people suffering from malnutrition in developing nations over 4.5 million high protein, high vitamin meals.

Although he describes his life as a ‘dog’s breakfast’, at a young age Sam achieved more than most do in a lifetime. In 2012 he was named ACT Young Australian of the Year, as well as the Ernst & Young ACT Entrepreneur of the Year.

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial success, Sam was grateful for the good start in life that he was given by his parents. They themselves had come from modest origins in rural Sri Lanka, but were empowered by a free education and access to books, which enabled them to transform their circumstances. In his mother’s case, she converted these opportunities into five degrees including a PhD.

Paying homage to his parents’ struggle, Sam founded the E-magine Foundation in 2007, which has built and equipped IT learning centres in rural Australian, Sri Lankan, and Cambodian schools.

Looking homeward, Sam established One Disease, a non-profit organisation with a simple but ground-breaking vision: to systematically eliminate one disease at a time; to make a tangible difference to Australian health.

The first target is scabies, a skin disease seven out of ten children suffer from in some remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. If left untreated, scabies results in kidney failure and rheumatic heart disease. In remote pockets of Australian society scabies is so common that it is considered normal, while scabies is virtually unheard-of in mainstream Australia. Through his work, Sam intends to achieve his dream of providing the infrastructure and opportunity for disadvantaged young people across the globe to empower themselves through good health and quality education.

In 2014 Sam founded Life Letters, a company that is bringing genetic testing into the hands of doctors and consumers. Life Letters believes that genetics can help prevent disease and promote wellness.

Sam’s success in both business and aid work derives from a rare ability to clearly visualise gaps and practical solutions to seemingly vast problems, and to drive these through implementation by force of willpower and by inspiring others to believe in his vision.

Because of Sam’s diverse interests, a wide range of audiences can relate to Sam’s story. Entrepreneurially minded corporate audiences, socially aware individuals of any age, and aspiring students have all engaged with Sam’s presentations with tremendous enthusiasm. Any listener with dreams and ambitions has something to gain from hearing Sam speak.

Dr Sam Prince appears by arrangement with Saxton Speakers Bureau.