Here’s why our sponsors chose GP16 and how they can benefit you


GPHMSC – Gold sponsor

Exhibiting at the RACGP’s annual conference always presents a great opportunity for the GPMHSC to connect with GPs around the country and to promote and support the uptake of accredited mental health training. We are especially excited to be exhibiting at GP16 where we will be launching and promoting the new mental health training standards for the 2017-19 triennium as well as promoting our new online suicide prevention resources for GPs. We look forward to seeing all delegates in Perth in September!

Visit us at booth 411.



Indivior – Silver sponsor

Indivior is a global specialty pharmaceutical company aiming to become the world leader in addiction treatment.  We are one of the few companies raising the awareness of physical and psychological dependence, related to opioid painkiller dependence both, prescription and over the counter.

We are committed to providing training and support to GPs who wish to learn more about medication assisted treatment (MAT) and or prescription and over the counter pain killer dependence.

GP16 provides an ideal environment to engage and educate doctors to identify and treat their patients at risk of opioid dependence.

Visit us at booth 111.


Black Dog Institute – Stream sponsor

One in five Australians suffer from a mental health problem every year. In 2014 70% of those people received some professional help for their distress.  Most people who seek help for mental health problems see their GP first.

As the front line in mental health care, you need to know where to get the best, most appropriate help for your patients.

Black Dog Institute is dedicated to helping you improve your skills in mental health. At GP16, we will be featuring the eMHPrac project which aims to expand treatment options by introducing you to reliable evidence-based online resources available to help your patients.

Visit us at booth 631.


Sonic Healthcare – Stream sponsor

At Sonic Healthcare, our pathology laboratories are dedicated to providing outstanding quality in a rapidly advancing landscape. We regularly research, validate and introduce innovative new tests so that doctors have the latest services to diagnose and manage their patients’ conditions.

At GP16, special interest is focused on dermatology as Sonic Healthcare’s specialist dermatopathology service, Sonic Skin Dx, hosts GP16 ALMs: Dermatology for GPs. Because our pathology laboratories offer full and extensive pathology services, we are able to provide the GPs attending the ALMs with information about skin pathology across all the pathology disciplines.

Visit us at booth 322.


MDA National – Stream sponsor

MDA National sponsors GP16 because we are part of the medical profession, and have long supported Australia’s general practitioners with medico-legal expertise over and above professional indemnity insurance. Our research indicates MDA National is renowned for providing quality education (Brand Audit Research 2014/15).

View the conference program for our GP16 sessions and workshops including Online Communication for Medical Professionals and Telehealth Risks, Responsibilities and Rewards.

Or for more information on how we support, protect and promote our doctor Members visit

Visit us at booth 433.



CareComplete – Stream sponsor

CareComplete is a suite of support programs to assist GPs and their patients to better manage chronic conditions. CareComplete offers GPs the opportunity to provide an additional, coordinated support system to patients with complex health needs. The focus is on empowering patients to take positive steps to improve their health, avoid preventable hospital admissions, take pressure off the healthcare system, and ultimately advance patient outcomes.

The CareComplete workshop, hosted by Dr Kevin Cheng, will explore a better way to manage and coordinate chronic conditions. The focus is on the current challenges, opportunities and case examples of good practice to provoke ideas and thinking around a new way of working.

Visit us at booth 601.


The a2 Milk Company – Recharge lounge sponsor

The a2 Milk Company is again looking forward to supporting the Recharge Lounge at the RACGP National conference in 2016. The energy, quality engagement with delegates and exhibitors, plus the high level support from the RACGP organising team help to make the RACGP national conference a premiere event. During the 2016 conference, delegates and exhibitors are able to enjoy an a2 Milk cafe latte / hot drink or an a2 Milk ice cream.  Here, they can network, catch up with colleagues and friends and interact with a2 Milk staff to learn a little more about a2 Milk, how it is produced by cows genotyped and selected because they produce the A2 beta-casein type and not the A1 beta-casein and why this is relevant in general practice.  a2 Milk is looking forward to GP16 in Perth.

Visit us at the Recharge Lounge.


MedAdvisor – Breakfast workshop sponsor

Convenience = Loyalty

At MedAdvisor, we know that managing medications is a significant burden for many patients. We also know that patients highly value convenience when it comes to health services, and this can drive loyalty.

Since launching in late 2013, over 200,000 patients have connected with their local pharmacy via MedAdvisor to enjoy the convenience of pre-ordering their medications. As a result, patients are 97% loyal to their MedAdvisor Network Pharmacy.

87% of patients have since told us they also want the convenience of ordering script renewals remotely from their regular GP. Based on this feedback we have developed a new feature called GP Link, and we look forward to sharing this with you at GP16.

Visit us at booth 637.


Impromy Health and Weight Management – Breakfast workshop sponsor

Impromy is a health and weight loss program. Developed in collaboration with and clinically tested by the CSIRO, it is delivered through in person pharmacist support. 74% of Australians support GP’s and pharmacists working together to deliver new services and believe together they would achieve improved health outcomes. Impromy is this kind of service and is one back by science.

To explore how the Impromy Health & Weight Management Program can become part of the health solutions at your GP practice and begin improving the lives of your patients, join us at the Impromy GP Breakfast on Saturday 1 October.

Visit us at booth 125.



Physio-Control – Delegate passport competition sponsor

As the Defibrillation Industry leader in peer reviewed research, we deliver the education, tools, and proven science to help you deliver better care. Click here to access to our Clinical Education portal.

Currently there is a 9% survival rate in Australia of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest – In Seattle its 65% survival!

Help us make Australia’s survival rate hit 20% by 2020 and assists us deliver on our Physio-Control Vision – “We envision a society in which no person dies suddenly as a result of an acute, treatable medical event.”

Visit us at booth 1503.